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If I were immortal

W                   April 13th Thursday                 wolf

If I were immortal …

If I were immortal I would save people’s lives, for example I would get them out of fire, or save them from drowning. If I were immortal I would be a policeman, because robbers couldn’t kill me and I would put them in jail. If I were immortal I would also be an actress, because in films about fire I would be still alive and it would be so good and realistic that a lot of people would give money to go and watch.

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English 22.02.23

Read the letter and write your reply to the email

Hello! thanks for photos, I liked your dog, he is pretty. I don’t have any of my photos, that’s bad, but your photos were really cute, you all look like very good family. I’m happy to see the London soon!

Рубрика: Անգլերեն

English 14.02.23

Complete the sentences in simple past tense.

  • I my teeth. ( brush)I brushed my teeth.
  • Tom tennis with his friends. ( play) Tom played tennis with his friends.
  • They for their exam. ( study) They were studying for their exam.
  • Susan to me quietly. ( talk) Susan talked to me quietly.
  • Thomas me with my homework. ( help) Thomas helped me with my homework.
  • Daniel his car. ( wash) Daniel was washing his car.
  • The baby a lot. ( cry) The baby cried a lot.
  • The man so fast. ( walk) The man walked so fast.

Write in the Past Tense

  • I. (hear) a new song on the radio. … I heard a new song on the radio.
  • I. (read) three books last week. … I read three books last week.
  • They. (speak) French to the waitress. … They spoke French to the waitress.
  • He. (understand) during the class, but now he doesn’t understand. He understood during the class, but now he doesn’t understand.
  • I. (forget) to buy some milk. I forgot to buy some milk.
  • She. (have) a baby in June. She had a baby in June.
  • You. (lose) your keys last week. You lost your keys last week.

 Are these               a       an       the      pencils you want ?

2.- Whales are           a     an     the    biggest animals in           a     an     the    world.

3.- I’ve got           a     an     the    dog and two stupid cats.           a     an     The    dog is very old.

4.- I saw           a     an     the    insect flying in my room.           a     an     The    insect was           a     an     the    mosquito.

5.- Europe is           a     an     the    continent and Mallorca is           a     an     the    island.

6.- For breakfast I had           a     an     the    egg and           a     an     the    toast.           a     an     The    egg was very tasty.

7.- This is           a     an     the    ugly house. I think it is           a     an     the    ugliest house in Spain.

8.-           a     an     The    word ‘water’ is           a     an     the    uncountable noun.

9.- Please, don’t tell me           a     an     the    story of your life !

10.- My mother is           a     an     the    nurse and my father is           a     an     the    English teacher.